Search Features

Hyper Search is jam-packed with features to help maximise search click-through-rates and ultimately increase conversions on your store.

Lightning Fast Search

A fast website is non-negotiable and your site search isn't excluded from that. That's why we ensure that search results can be shown within milliseconds.

Spelling correction

We all make spelling and typing errors. Hyper Search

Augmented Search Autocomplete

To maximise the benefit of the fast search, we provide an augmented search autocomplete feature so that cutomers can see search results as they type rather than wait for the search results page to load. This can shave seconds off the "Time to see results", increasing the click-through rate of customers.

Search Suggestions

When customers start typing their search term, our app offers some suggestions to help autocomplete their query, speeding up their search.

Top Searches

Our app tracks the most popular searches performed on your site and then offers these to customers as jumping-off points to help get their search started.

Recent Searches

A customer's recent searches are remembered and suggested to them when they return to the site. This helps them continue their shopping journey from where they left off.

Is your customer shopping for a gift on a shared computer? No worries, this history can also easily be cleared.

Content Search

Any categories, brands, and content pages that match search queries are shown alongside product results.


Your customers may use alternative words when searching. To cope with this, you can add synonyms so that products are are still found.

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