Customize the design

Once you have added Hyper Search to your site, you can then customize the storefront search experience right from within the app. These settings can be found in Settings > Storefront.

Search Autocomplete or Instant search

We provide two search-as-you-type experiences to choose from. The first is the traditional search which shows autocomplete suggestions as you type and the customer is taken to the search results page.

We also provide an "Overlay" design option which provides a search results page-like experience, all within an overlay without navigating to a new page.

Design Options

There are design settings which are available without the need for a developer

Search Results

Change the number of products per row in search results, and the number of suggestions that are shown in the search autocomplete.


You can choose whether filters on desktop devices are shown horizontally above search results or vertically in a left-hand sidebar. Also, you can choose whether filters are visible or collapsed on mobile.


You can choose the default number of products to show per page of results, as well as the other products per page options available for a customer to choose from on the storefront.

Sort Orders

Obviously, the most important sort order is Relevance, where the magic of Hyper Search comes from.

However, we also provide the ability for customers to change the sort order when browsing results, e.g. to see the lowest price, or highest-rated products that match the search term and filters.

To add a new sort order, enter the name of the product field and the order the results should be displayed, separated by a colon.

For example:

  • price:asc
  • reviews_rating_sum:desc
  • stock_qty:desc
  • name:asc

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