Column Design Options

Lists of links

The default display for menu items is a flyout menu beneath each top-level menu item that shows all of its children. Second-level menu items are displayed at the top of each column. The mega menu will automatically adjust the space between each column depending on how many second-level menu items you have. 

Third-level menu items are then displayed beneath their parent (second-level menu item) in a column. 

On mobile, one level of links is shown at a time. When the chevron/arrow is chosen, a panel showing the children menu items will slide in. 

Grid of images

A great way to liven up the list of images is to add high-quality photos to your menu items. The example below shows images added to each of the second-level menu items.

These images are also shown on mobile. 

With this set-up, you could also choose not to have any third-level menu items but promote more menu items to the second level. This would create the effect of having a photo grid of categories. 

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