Additional customization classes

Custom classes can be added to each menu item. This can be helpful when extending or creating your own menu designs. 

We also have a few built-in classes that can be used to further customize the look and feel of a menu item. 


Adding the "title-first" class will reverse the order of a menu item image and text so that the text or "title" is shown first and the image is after. 


Adding "hide-title" will hide this menu items text or "title". This is useful when creating image-only columns. 

In this example, the last three menu items consist of a link and image but the title text is hidden. 


Adding the class "square-images" is helpful when using the "Inline images" design to show images as squares rather than circles. 


Use "bold" to change the font-weight. This can be used to help promote certain links within the menu, e.g. View All.


Use "auto-width" on a top-level menu item to scale the flyout menu from full-width to the size of the menu items beneath it. 

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