Designing the sign up form

We offer a variety of ways to customise the look and feel of the app without the need for custom code. 

Enable sign-up form

The first setting that you will find within the Display section is a checkbox to enable the sign-up form. Check this and it will automatically be added to your product page and shown on out-of-stock products. 

Display in modal or inline

We offer two methods of displaying the sign-up form out of the box. 

The default is Modal. When this option is chosen, a "Notify me when available" button will be shown on products when out of stock. Clicking this button will show the sign up form in a model or "lightbox". 

Alternatively, choose the Inline form. This will show the sign-up form directly on the page. 

Quick view support

Note that we also provide support for customers signing up for stock alerts from within the quick view on out-of-stock products. 

Collect name

Optionally, you can configure the sign-up form to collect the customer's name, either first name only, or both first and last name. 

Subscribe to newsletter

When you enable newsletter subscriptions, customers can then also give marketing content to be subscribed to the newsletter. When they give permission, the app will then update the newsletter subscribers list within BigCommerce. Subscriber information is also available to download within the Customers section of the Back in Stock Alerts app. 

Change form & button text

Within the Form Content section of the sign-up form settings, you can choose your own text that is shown within the form. 

Change button design

You can also choose to customise the sign-up button. By default, it will inherit the styles from your BigCommerce theme, but you can also choose to override the button background and text colours.

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