Customizing email design

The all-important step of converting engaged visitors into paying customers happens when they receive their back-in-stock email notification. So it's important that it's well-designed with a clear call-to-action. 

Default email design

Out of the box, the back-in-stock notification email follows the native design of other BigCommerce emails and is responsive across devices and compatible with a wide range of email clients. 

Update text with phrases

The simplest changes that you can make are to update any text used within the email template. The easiest way to update these is by updating the text in the Phrases tab. You can also add new phrases and add them to your email template.

Customize or bring your own email template

You have full access to the email template that is used. Out of the box, we provide an email template that is very similar in design to BigCommerce's own out-of-the-box emails. You can choose to customise this to suit your own needs or replace it with your own custom email template. You always have the option to "Restore default template" if something goes wrong.

Preview your email

After you've made changes to the email template, you're going to want to quickly preview it to make sure that everything looks right. The final tab allows you to do that before hitting Save and the new email design is live.

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